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YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade

I’m back again in Bali, so this will be my last ‘Dutch’ post for now. Next week posts from Bali and beyond… (Asia) will start.

This time I like to put in the spotlight Sade Joella Sulkers. She is my niece, the daughter of my sister. Sade just started with her company YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade. YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade sells fairtrade baby packages.

The packaging (offer basket), the pillows, the jar- and diaper bags, all is made by small family companies in Bali.  Balinese housewives made the crochet flowers for the pillows. The dolls, the colourful cards and cute little Buddha soaps are special made for charity, like the Bali Street Children and Kolewa Foundation.

The designs of the pillows, jar bags and diaper bags are designed by Joyce Reimers, the mother of Sade. She combined Indonesian batik and traditional Dutch printed fabric for her designs. It looks fantastic!

The families and housewives are happy with YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade, they make some business and the Bali Street Children are grateful that YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade buys the dolls and cards.

If one of your family members is pregnant, or your friend or colleaque don’t hestitate to buy a YOYOI baby package, it is great gift… and the newborn baby already helps another child.

For more information: or go to YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade facebook page (Dutch language).


As packaging we use beautiful offer baskets


The dolls special made for the Bali street children.
Colorful cards made by Bali street children and cute little Buddha soap made for Kolewa Foundation


Jar bags and diaper bag made from Indonesian batik and traditional Dutch fabric


Feeding pillow, front and back also made from Indonesian batik and traditional Dutch fabric


Baby package


YOYOI girls, Yocena, Yoliza and Indy (m/r/l) playing with the dolls


This pillow is a little bit too big…


I love my doll


That’s funny…  I fit in the basket

Adorable Asian kids

I spotted this sweet little boy on the beach in Karangasem. I tried to get his attention but he didn’t react, he kept on playing with sand and water. Suddenly he turned and looked straight at me. He said nothing but I heard him thinking, okay, one photo, but then you have to go. I took the photo and left…

Adorable Asian kids

I spotted these two girls in Lombok. Both girls are beautiful and in particular the girl in the front with her face in the shape of a heart…

Adorable Asian Kids

She is so cute, even with snot…  I spotted this cute little girl in Lombok. I posted her already in a former post with her big sister, see under category Kids…

Adorable Asian kid

Isn’t she lovely…. When we stayed for a few days in Lombok I spotted this sweet little baby sleeping in her crib…

Adorable Asian kids

This girl looks very sad because one of her family members died. It’s the day of the cremation. A big procession went through the streets in Seminyak. The girl was sitting in a chair carried by men. They walked all the way to where the cremation took place.

Adorable Asian kid

During a ceremony this adorable Balinese boy was standing between grown up Balinese men. He is so cute…

Adorable Asian kids

Together with her grandpa this adorable Balinese girl is waiting for a big parade…

Adorable Asian kids

I spotted these children at Pura Titra Empul in Bali. What were these children watching? They seemed fascinated by the colorful koi carp in the big pond. Scroll down to see the colorful koi carp…

Asian kids

These adorable kids are sisters living in Lombok. The eldest and youngest! They are so beautiful…