Villa Blubambu

Six years ago Mathieu and me built our little paradise ‘villa Blubambu’ in Seminyak, Bali

Initially we stayed three months per year in villa Blubambu, the 2 of us or with family and friends. Two years ago we decided to live in Bali and turned our villa paradise in a B&B paradise.

That was a very good move because we are almost fully booked every day.

The reason that we almost fully booked is… we are # 1 on Tripadvisor of all B&B’s in Bali and Indonesia and # 20 of all B&B’s in Asia. I’m so proud!!


But… to be honest all the credits goes to my lovely husband Mathieu and our amazing staff, Gede, Nyoman, Putu and Mitah.  They did and they still do all the work. I’m to busy with photography, blogging, drawing, designing, searching for hip and fancy stuff etc. etc….;-)

If you are interested to stay in villa Blubambu, please find all the information at our website:

Our amazing staff, Mitah, Nyoman, Putu and Gede

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