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Motel Mexicola

Last year when I drove through Jl. Kayujati in Petitenget/Seminyak I saw workers making a very colourful building. Pillars with colourful decorations, all made by hand. It was hard to see more when the building was not finish yet but I knew this building would be very colourful, different and well designed.

Unfortunately I was not in Bali when Motel Mexicola opened his doors. I heard the opening party was great!

Motel Mexicola will in the end be a collection of Mexican restaurants. I’ve been to Motel Mexicola a few times and I was right. The whole setup is amazingly colourful. For the building and interior they use bright Mexican colours and interior designs. It really felt as if I was in Mexico.

In the front of Motel Mexicola there is a terrace. If you go inside you will find a big patio and verandas with booths, all in Mexican style.

The two indoor restaurants are not finish yet but already look stunning, will be even better when they are finished.

For lunch they serve different kind of tacos. The taco’s are not so big so better order a few with different kind of toppings, they are all delicious. For the evening Motel Mexicola offers a different menu.

I can’t wait for the new restaurants in Motel Mexicola to open…

Motel Mexico
Jalan Kayajati No. 9X
Petitenget Beach Seminyak
Denpasar 80361

Facebook Motel Mexicola


Great terrace and bar in front of Motel Mexicola


Staff busy decorating the picture of a Mexican legend


A big patio inside Motel Mexicola …


… with Mexican details


The verandas are great even when it rains


Beautiful art work and Mexican tiles


A booth with Mexican pictures and paintings


One of the bars in Motel Mexicola


The new restaurant, not finish yet but look already stunning…

Bungalow Living in Canggu

Recently we moved from Seminyak to Canggu. Very exciting…. a new neighbourhood to discover. When we entered Jalan Pantai Brawa in Canggu I saw directly a wonderful spot called Bungalow Living. I was immediately impressed by the building’s architecture, it’s “old” colonial style, and so I was anxious to see more of Bungalow Living.

Bungalow Living combines home wares with a home-style menu.  A great place to buy gorgeous interior pieces, home wares, books, music and having food, drinks and great coffees…  The next day my husband and I went to Bungalow Living for lunch and at the same time I wanted to buy a present for my friend.

We had a delicious lunch. As dessert my husband had a cheesecake to die for… and for my friend I bought lovely things…  We loved the place. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the vegetarian food and drinks are yummy.

So.. if you are in Bali, don’t miss this amazing place…

Bungalow Living
Jalan Pantai Brawa 35A
Canggu, 80361 Bali
Tel. +62 (0) 8164700299



Bungalow Living’s gorgeous verandah


Great stuff for kids



Beautiful home wares and interior pieces


Blueberry muffins, cheese cake to die for, baguettes, healthy juices, coffees and more yummy food…


Friendly staff


and also you can buy great decorations for the garden…


Kuningan 2013

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been ill, couldn’t use my arm and hand due to shingles, so I could not make photographs or write.  I travelled to Holland and stayed for a month. When I came back to Bali we moved to another place, from Seminyak to Canggu.

We are almost done unpacking our stuff and decorating the house, so now I have time again for my blog, I’m back!!!

Today April 6th, it’s Kuningan in Bali. Kuningan is a religious holiday for the Balinese. More information about Galugan dan Kuningan you can find under:

During Galugan and Kuningan the Balinese go to different temples for offerings and ceremonies. They always look beautiful in their traditional ceremonial clothes.

In front of some houses you can see priests doing the offerings, praying and blessing families at their family temple, but most of the Balinese people also go to the Banjar temple and the bigger temples on the Island to do offerings and receive the blessings from the priests.


The most obvious sign for Galungan dan Kuningan is the penjor – bamboo poles weighed down by offerings suspended at the end. They can be seen all over at the side of the roads near the entrances of houses.



In Canggu the place were I live now, I photographed this priest and family, our new neighbours.



Families going to the temple for the praying, offerings and blessings