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Temple Ceremony at Villa Blubambu

Friday 17th of August 2012 we had our annual (Balinese calendar) villa temple ceremony.

Each year we celebrate our temple ceremony. Some times we celebrate the ceremony quiet, just with our staff but every 2 or 3 years we invite our friends and our staff also invites their family and friends to celebrate the ceremony together with us.

This year Gede, our villa manager, his family took care of the ceremony. The grandfather of Gede is a Priest so he performed all the ceremonial praying and offering. Other family members of Gede cooked the traditional Balinese buffet were babi guling is the main dish. 

The first part of the ceremony is the praying and blessings from the Priest for all of us. When the Priest was finished we had our Balinese diner and drinks with all our friends and Balinese ‘family’.

It always very good to our staff and ourselves and we feel really blessed after the temple ceremony day…

Photography by Surya Wijaya

The Priest prays in front of the villa Temple

Bapak Mathieu got his blessings …

… and also ibu Brenda

Praying together with the Priest, staff and our friends

Bapak and Ibu feel blessed after the ceremony…

In the spotlight: Balinese designer Ni Wayan Nirmalayani

Since I live in Bali I have met a lot of great talented people. One of them is Ni Wayan Nirmalayani, known as Irma. Irma is a fashion and graphic designer. She works for a Japanese company, taking care  of a lot of things for them. All designs and graphics of the products like bags, shawls and clothing. Negotiating with suppliers and tailors, taking care of the end control as well as organizing the shipping of the products. She truly is a multi talented person.

Her designs can be found in the shops in Hawaii. You can have a look at and to check them out.

By the way Irma is also a very good photographer. Together with her boyfriend Surya they do luxury property photography.

Ni Wayan Nirmalayani (26).  Born in Bali and lives in Denpasar, Bali

Irma checks the drawings for the next designs

Everything must be checked

Are these the right measurements?

The colors are also very important…

Irma does the drawings by hand or in the computer

Just a few designs from Ni Wayan Nirmalayani…

Bali’s Best Chefs: A Secret Garden Soiree

We heard about the secret dinners/soirees for fine dining. These dinners are hosted by some of the best chefs on the Bali Island as well as from abroad and held in secret (beautiful) locations that are not revealed until 48 hours before the event. This was one of those events we did not want to miss, in particular because we love good food and great wines and it sounded exciting… So we joined the Secret Garden Soiree party and we have no regrets! It was a great evening of meeting great people from all over the world while enjoying good food and drinks.

Thanks to Deborah Cayetano, the host and owner of Bali’s Best chefs.

Great drinks and delicious canapés

We tasted very good South African champagne and wines…

Violinist Helga Sedly from Hungary and on guitar Lianto Tjahjoputro, Indonesia

The host and owner of Bali’s Best Chefs Deborah Cayetano accompanied by chef Raiha and chef Sebastiaan

Flowers for Deborah. That day was also her birthday…

And the winner is…. and guess what… we won one night stay in the beautiful villa Da Vinci

Till late we enjoyed the Secret Garden Soiree

Facebook: Bali’s Best Chefs

Asian photos in black and white: Balinese wedding

12th August 2009 we were invited at Kadeks Suadnyana wedding. At that time Kadek was one of the staff taking care of our villa. Kadek is also a very good friend of Gede, our villa manager.

Kadek comes from the village Lemukih, region Singaraja, North of Bali.

We were very honored to be invited to his wedding, so that day we went to his village and met his new wife Kadek Wiyasari, family and friends. Together with them we celebrated the wedding and followed some beautiful ceremonies. It was a very special experience.

Today Kadek and Kadek still very happy with each other and their beautiful son Gede.

Happy wedding anniversary!

A small impression of the wedding in black and white photos…

Asian photos in black and white

A craftsman in Lombok

and beyond… Margaret River, West Australia

One of the reasons we travelled to West-Australia is… we are wine lovers. From Perth we drove to Margaret River, a paradise for wine lovers. We stayed in Cape Lodge, a beautiful place to stay. We loved the apartment suite, so big… The environment is very relaxed, very green and for runners a great place to run, so both we did. If you plan to stay in Cape Lodge, book a dinner in the restaurant, the food and the wine is really fantastic.


On the road to the winery we saw many kangaroos. I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

The first winery where we had our tasting was at McLeod Creek Wines. When we entered the estate we saw a man working in his garden with a bird on his shoulder, so funny…  After Mcleod Creek Wines we had a tasting at Voyager Estate. This estate is a totally different compared to McLeod Creek wines. Very big, white and perfect. To perfect to my taste… The next day we drove to Leeuwin Estate. Friends advised us to have a lunch at Leeuwin Estate. We did and we don’t regret it, fabulous food and delicious wine and served in a great setting.

We did not only stop at wineries and taste wines, we also drove to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse you could see whales in the distance as well as the spot were the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.

If you are in bad physical shape don’t take the stairs to the top of the lighthouse…

The last day we visited the Jewel Cave. What nature creates, unbelievable….

Asian photos in black and white

This Balinese man is roasting his coffee beans.

Ubud, Bali

Word of Mouth, design, fashion, furniture, food and drinks

Because I love art, design, fashion and good food I’ve been to Word of Mouth several times. When I entered the shop for the first time I was pleasantly surprised, the shop looks so stunning. I felt like Alice in Wonderland between so many amazingly designed pieces and great fashion. From furniture to pop-up books to beautiful colored shoes… Another great thing about Word of Mouth is that you can sit down between those beautiful articles and enjoy a fantastic lunch.  They have a delicious menu. The food is healthy and fresh and the mix of flavors they use is very yummy…

But… do not forget the cocktails… in 2011 Word of Mouth received the award for best signature cocktail. You might want to try it!

So, when you are in Seminyak don’t miss this amazing shop.

If you want to know more about Word of Mouth or want to download the menu and great cocktails go to:

Word of Mouth, 9 Jl. Kunti, Kunti Arcade, shop 10, Seminyak, Bali
Ph/fax: +62 361 8475797,