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Fashion Show Barli Asmara


The Invite
Anne, the girlfriend of my nephew Fabian got an invite for a fashion show in Jimbaran. The fashion designer Barli Asmara is a young talented designer in Indonesia. Because Anne could bring some friends, we (my sister, two cousins, my nephew and I) joined her. My nephew said to me, bring you photo camera maybe you are allowed to make photos, so I did.


The Audience
The fashion show took place in hotel Le Meridien in Jimbaran, beautiful hotel. One of the sponsors was Fashion TV. When we arrived the boys from Fashion TV were already busy with their cameras. Anne asked the host if it was possible for me to make photos and that was no problem. But… I was thinking, close to the front of the catwalk is the best place to make photos so I asked if it was possible for me to position myself next to Fashion TV… The host asked the people of Fashion TV and they were ok with it. How cool was that, making fashion photos next to the boys of Fashion TV.

aud overzicht 4

The Fashion Show
All of us enjoyed the show very much. Barli Asmara is a great designer. The clothes beautiful, the models stunning and for me it was a great new photography experience. Now you can enjoy the photos!




The Designer Barli Asmara



In the spotlight: Balinese designer Ni Wayan Nirmalayani

Since I live in Bali I have met a lot of great talented people. One of them is Ni Wayan Nirmalayani, known as Irma. Irma is a fashion and graphic designer. She works for a Japanese company, taking care  of a lot of things for them. All designs and graphics of the products like bags, shawls and clothing. Negotiating with suppliers and tailors, taking care of the end control as well as organizing the shipping of the products. She truly is a multi talented person.

Her designs can be found in the shops in Hawaii. You can have a look at and to check them out.

By the way Irma is also a very good photographer. Together with her boyfriend Surya they do luxury property photography.

Ni Wayan Nirmalayani (26).  Born in Bali and lives in Denpasar, Bali

Irma checks the drawings for the next designs

Everything must be checked

Are these the right measurements?

The colors are also very important…

Irma does the drawings by hand or in the computer

Just a few designs from Ni Wayan Nirmalayani…

Word of Mouth, design, fashion, furniture, food and drinks

Because I love art, design, fashion and good food I’ve been to Word of Mouth several times. When I entered the shop for the first time I was pleasantly surprised, the shop looks so stunning. I felt like Alice in Wonderland between so many amazingly designed pieces and great fashion. From furniture to pop-up books to beautiful colored shoes… Another great thing about Word of Mouth is that you can sit down between those beautiful articles and enjoy a fantastic lunch.  They have a delicious menu. The food is healthy and fresh and the mix of flavors they use is very yummy…

But… do not forget the cocktails… in 2011 Word of Mouth received the award for best signature cocktail. You might want to try it!

So, when you are in Seminyak don’t miss this amazing shop.

If you want to know more about Word of Mouth or want to download the menu and great cocktails go to:

Word of Mouth, 9 Jl. Kunti, Kunti Arcade, shop 10, Seminyak, Bali
Ph/fax: +62 361 8475797,

Brass jewelry

The photos show jewelry manufactured by Libido Jewelry in Seminyak. The material is brass and the stones are Swarovski crystals.  I bought these Swarovski crystals in Holland and put them on the necklaces.  I think it looks great together…

If you love brass jewelry you have to go to Street Dogs and Libido Jewelry in Seminyak.

Street Dogs is located at Jl Laksmana, Seminyak, Bali
Libido Jewelry is located at Jl Raya Seminyak, Seminyak, Bali

Jewelry: Buddha, Lucky Frog and Ganesha pendants

Sometimes I like to design, bags, belts and jewelry. I like to design jewelry from different  kind of materials like silver, bronze, copper or brass. This time I bought  Buddha, Lucky Frog and Ganesha pendants made from bronze at Tambo handicraft store in Kerobokan.  In  the Tambo handicraft store you can buy also all kind of beads of different materials. Besides of the Buddha, Lucky Frog and Ganeisha  pendants they sell also other pendants like harts, stars, skulls etc. It is a paradise for those who like to make their own jewelry.  From the pendants I made necklaces, hangers for bags and key rings.

Tambo handicraft store, Jalan raya Kerobokan, Bali

If you live/are in Holland you can buy the Buddha, Lucky Frog and Ganeisha jewelry at Carla Palermo shop. Carla Palermo shop is located in the Huidenstraat 4 (9-straatjes) down town Amsterdam.

All profit of the Buddha jewelry will go to charity in Bali.

Silver bracelet with tribal design for men

I bought this silver bracelet with tribal design for my husband’s birthday. I bought the bracelet in SKIN post-atomic wear shop.

SKIN sells men and women clothes.  My husband and me, we both like the clothes of SKIN. The clothes are comfortable to wear. SKIN sells also accessories like bags, belts, sandals and jewelry both for men and women.

SKIN ambitions are going green, stop using plastic, always recycling and cruising with bicycle. Please keep Bali clean!

SKIN is located at Jalan Raya Seminyak in Seminyak.

Black leather

I told you before, sometimes I like to design. So I want to show you this small black leather bag with studs that I designed some time ago. I also want to show you a black leather sandal with studs. I didn’t design this sandal but I bought the sandals because they matched with the bag and I couldn’t resist! I bought the sandals at Sabbatha in Seminyak. Great shop!

Because of the warm weather I can’t really walk on high heels or boots in Bali, only slippers and sandals, you can never have enough of them….

So cool you can design your own bag in Bali

Sometimes I like to design, jewelry, bags, belts etc. This time I would like to show you three bags.

The great thing about Bali is that you can create your own design, show it to one of the (leather) tailors and they produce your design. You can order one sample or many samples.

I wanted a straw bag combined with leather. In Bali I bought a basket, some leather, lining, zipper and a magnetic lock. I couldn’t find a nice handle so I bought the handle In Holland.  I went to a leather shop with the materials and accessories, showed the drawing I made and explained what I wanted. When the bag was finished I was satisfied. The bag looks good and was manufactured very well, so I planned to make more bags. One design but different combination of materials. The other ones looks also good, so I was happy… It is great fun to do this!

The basket bag I will keep, the other ones are for sale. The profit I’ll donate to the children house Panti Asuhan Kesayan Ikang Papa in Gianyar, a children house for deaf children.

If you are interested or you want more info about the bags, please send an email to

Biasa high-class shop and Biasa ArtSpace gallery

This beautiful leather belt I bought in Biasa, a high-class shop in Seminyak.

 Biasa sells light weight casual clothing. You can find a perfect little outfit for walking down the beach, or entertaining at home. The shop caters for both men and women. Clothing material includes: cottons, muslins and silks linen.

You can find Biasa at jalan raya Seminyak 36 in Seminyak

Close to the shop at number 34 you will find Biasa ArtSpace.

Biasa ArtSpace exhibits contemporary art.

Since its establishment in 2005 Biasa ArtSpace has been the host to 27 successful exhibitions, bringing together Indonesian and international artists from different age groups, backgrounds and training.

More info about Biasa ArtSpace you’ll find on

Ketut the silversmith

Sometimes I like to design.  My friend Ketut is a silversmith in the silver village Celuk in Bali. I design the jewelry and Ketut makes it. So.. together we create beautiful things. The jewelry is for sale, but if I don’t sell the jewelry I don’t bother because I like to create, I’m not really a sales(wo)man.

But.. what I do like to sell is this cute silver children bracelet. Ketut designed and made this for his twin daughters.  It looks adorable, don’t you think..?


If you buy a children bracelet 100% of the profit we’ll donate to children house, Panti Asuhan Kesayan Ikang Papa in Gianyar. A children house for deaf children.

For more info about the jewelry, send an email to
Info about the children house you can find on the ‘Charity’ page under Blubambu Foundation.