Monthly Archives: May 2013

‘Pure’ Bali

On the 15th of each month my photography friends and I will place at least one photo based on a pre-selected theme on our Stoer Photographers facebook page. All Stoer photographers will use the same theme but will visualize it from their own perspective.

For this month the theme is ‘Pure’

Every day I see ‘Pure’ things in Bali.  In Canggu the place where I live you still see many rice paddies. Two weeks ago I saw the farmers planted the bibit (young rice plants) in the earth, all by hand.  They worked very hard, with their feet in the mud. At the end of the day all the bibit are planted.

Every day I passed the rice field on my motorbike. I can see the rice plants growing.

Today I had to stop to make a photo of this beautiful rice paddy…


Bibit (young rice plants)


Planted all by hand…


working hard in the mud



The work is done…


Two weeks later a beautiful rice paddy