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Folk Art Gallery jUjU Art Jewelry

A few months ago I placed a post about Folk Art Gallery in Bali. This time I do it again! Why?… Besides the fascinating collection of museum grade art and artifacts they also sell amazing beautiful jewelry, called jUjU Art Jewelry. I just have to show you…

jUjU Art Jewelry is the culmination of over 30 years of jewelry design, creation, and folk art experiences. All of jUjU Art Jewelry is handmade from beginning to end, one unique piece at a time.

If you’re going to Bali or you are already in Bali you should visit Folk Art Gallery and you will notice I am right. If you enter the gallery you feel you are discovering exotic locations of the globe…

If you are not going to Bali then you should have a look on their websites. If you fall in love with the fascinating collection or the beautiful jewelry, no problem you can buy your favorite piece via the webshop.

Folk Art Gallery, Jalan Laksmana (Oberoi) 17B, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Phone: +62 (0)81 338 332 373  | + 62 (0)361 738 113

www.folkartgallerybali and


Folk Art Gallery in Seminyak, Bali


jUjU Art Jewelry

Catrina the skeleton figure a caricature of a fancy dead woman… in her party cloths. She has articulated legs and arms, known for day of the dead in Mexico

Yalalag Maria cross, a folk cross from Oaxaca. Mexico symbolizes the Trinity, made with red heart beads

Frida Kahlo hand earrings carved from bone,  patterned after a pair of earrings that Picasso gave to Frida. She painted them in many of her self portraits

Frida Kahlo as a Tehuana. Taken from one of her self portraits wearing clothing from the Tehuanapec Peninsula. A matriarchal society, a pendant

Frida Kahlo with a ruby stone, a pendant

Catrina bracelet, made of brass

Catrina ring, made of brass


‘Cybelle’ textured brass, circle necklace brass


Gold plated Angel wings earring


Dragon/Naga coin ring with amethyst stones, brass


Mother of Pearl earring with crescent moons and stars, on symbol, gold plate


Aurora flower necklace and earring in silver plate


Venti interlocking hoop bracelet, textured metal


Angelina earring L.G. pear shaped, freshwater pearl in silver plate

Carla Palermo, vintage and new fashion shop in Amsterdam

At the moment I’m in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Visiting family and friends.

I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends, Carla Palermo.
She is a beautiful colorful sweet and warm person.
Her parents come from Indonesia so Carla’s roots lie in Indonesia.

Carla is the owner of Carla Palermo, a vintage and new fashion shop downtown Amsterdam.

The area where the shop is located is called the 9-Straatjes, Amsterdam’s coolest and hip shopping area. Carla Palermo is a great shop. You’ll find exclusive vintage clothing, bags and boots but also you’ll find new fashion and jewelry.  I heard a woman say, this shop is like a candy store for women…

Beside the vintage and new fashion Carla sells Blubambu Buddha necklaces. The profit, 100%, of these necklaces goes to charity in Bali. Some of the new clothes in the shop are made in Bali, in small fair-trade companies.

Carla Palermo also supports deaf girls in Bali, she pays the salary of the craft teacher so the girls get sewing lessons and she financially supports a toddler so the toddler can go to kindergarten.

Yes! Carla is a great person and I’m very happy she is my friend…

If you go to Amsterdam don’t miss Carla Palermo shop.

Carla Palermo
Huidenstraat 4 | de 9 Straatjes
1016 ES  Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)6 23237698

My best friend Carla Palermo

The colorful shop

Boots are made for walking…

Beautiful kimono and vintage hats

Colorful jewelry

Blubambu Buddha necklaces for charity

Huka Huka Steel & Silver, organic piercing

A few weeks ago I went to Tampaksiring, visiting the factory of Huka Huka Steel & Silver, organic piercing.

Huka Huka has shops in Legian/Kuta and Tampaksiring. They sell organic piercings and jewelry made from steel, silver, bone, horn and wood. Also carved skulls from buffalo’s, cows and goats are for sale. Some people don’t like it but many people do. In Tampaksiring you’ll find many shops selling this kind of skulls and many designers buy small skulls made from bone and horn for fashion and jewelry because it is very popular now a days. The people of Tampaksiring are very good in carving.

Several times I visited the shop in Legian to order some jewelry. Gusti Alit Ardana, the owner of the shop told me about the factory in Tampaksiring. I asked him if it was possible to visit the factory because I love to see craftsmen at work while creating all these beautiful pieces by hand.

It was great to see the Huka Huka factory and Tampaksiring is also a very nice village to visit.

If you are in Legian or Tampaksiring and interested in some nicely shaped piece of steel, silver, bone, horn or wood don’t miss the Huka Huka stores.

You’ll find Huka Huka Steel & Silver, organic piercing  in Jl. Legian Kaja, no. 452, Legian/Kuta and in Jl. Astina Pura Selatan Br. Kelodan, Tampaksiring.

Phone numbers: 085 237312450 | 087 861097255

All pieces made by hand

One of the tools

Owner Gusti Alit Ardana is also very creative

Working hands

Several skulls

Sometimes they need small  machines

Black painted carved skull

Owner Gusti Alit Ardana

John Hardy compound

My friends and I got an invitation to visit the John Hardy compound. John Hardy is the brand name for exclusive luxury silver and gold handmade jewelry and lifestyle accessories. The compound is located at Mambal, close to Ubud. Approximately 700 people work on the compound.

If you enter the compound it feels like stepping into paradise, the location is amazing. This is not a boring factory but a very, very green work environment.  Beautiful bamboo buildings with yellow and orange Balinese flags surrounded by big trees. Bridges over small rivers. Animals, flowers and much more of what nature offers us.

We got a tour of the workplaces, to view the process of jewelry making. It was very impressive to watch the workers make the jewelry and lifestyle accessories all by hand. Loved the beautiful bamboo showroom as well as the amazing authentic Balinese open-air kitchen. Except for the fridge they don’t use electricity or gas in the kitchen, they use wood fire instead. Every day for lunch a meal of traditional Indonesian specialties is prepared for approx. 700 people.  Because they are dedicated to sustainable living, produce form their organic garden and surrounding farms is used for the delicious meals.

After the tour we enjoyed such a traditional lunch together with all the managers and other guests. The food was really delicious, we loved all of it, the lunch, the tour, the buildings, the people, …

Unfortunately it is not allowed to make photos of the workplaces and jewelry so I show you the beautiful location, kitchen and showroom.

If you go to or
you will see the beautiful jewelry and lots more information about John Hardy.

Many thanks Eric for the invitation, it was an unique experience…

Street Dogs last Bow Wow

If you love brass jewelry you have to go to Street Dogs in a hurry. Until end of June 50% off on all jewelry.  Besides brass jewelry you will find also bronze sterling silver plate jewelry, jewelry with glass beads, money clips, small bronze statues etc.

You will find Street Dogs at Jl. Laksmana 60X Oberoi Seminyak. Tel. 0361 737819

Last evening at Karma beach club at Batubelig beach

With friends Jeffrey and Melany we went for a drink at Batubelig beach. Batubelig is not so far from Seminyak but much quieter.

We heard that the Karma beach club looked great and is right on the beach. It is true, for the building they used mainly bamboo and entering the restaurant you see all big lights made from bamboo as well, very cool.

We had a drink outside on the beanbags in front, enjoying the sunset.

Today while I place this post on my log I heard that Karma beach club was closed the following day.

It is sad as it looked so great… but I’m happy I enjoyed one evening there and was able to make these photo’s ….

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

We went several times to Singapore, to extend our visas, for my exhibition,  for shopping, for the museums, visiting some friends etc. Every time when we visited Singapore we saw enormous  pillars being build, three in a row, huge pillars with a sort of space ship on top.

Last time we visited Singapore we knew the huge pillars with the enormous space ship, called Marina Bay Sands, was finished and we very much wanted to visit it, so we did…

Amazing that people can create and build these kind of projects, it is unbelievable but so cool when you are on top of the Marina Bay Sands…

If you are interested in the story behind Marina Bay Sands go to:

 and.. if you want to stay in the Marina Bay Sands hotel, go to

Minimalistic Alila

I heard that the architecture of Alila hotel looked minimalistic, basic but still very different.. I love architecture so together with my brother, his girlfriend and my husband  we planned to have a lunch at the Alila hotel.

Indeed, the architecture of the hotel is very minimalistic. If you stroll around the premises you see amazing buildings mostly made from wood, all in a grey/white color. All looks very basic, very neat,  very zen…

The bale’s are so different from the traditional ones but still you can see it’s a balé, great design… If you sit in one of the balé’s you have an amazing view over the ocean because some are hanging above the cliff…

That  day we had a delicious lunch in the restaurant,  cool drinks in the bale and we strolled around the premises making pictures and absorbing the zen feeling…

If you want to stay in a hotel looking different than most other hotels, you prefer a quiet environment and.. you have the money, Alila hotel will be the place.

Hong Kong Light and Sound Show

 In January we went to Hong Kong.  After a few months living on an island I miss the hustle and bustle of a city, so.. we went to Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is great, the architecture, the shopping, the food, the markets and there are different areas where you can buy fabrics, textile, accessories, garments for bags, clothes, shoes etc. a paradise for designers, stylists and entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong consists of islands, most known are Hong Kong island and Kowloon island and that means… two skylines. If you take the boat from one island to the other you see 2 amazing skylines. If you go in the evening it’s even more amazing because at 8:00 PM there will be a light show on the skyscrapers.

This spectacular multimedia display, already named the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ by Guinness World Records, has been further expanded to include more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

The show creates an all-round vision of coloured lights, laser beams and searchlights performing a stunning, unforgettable spectacle synchronised to music and narration that celebrates the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong.

There are five main themes — Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and the finale, Celebration.

If you love cities, don’t miss Hong Kong if you go to Asia…

Green School, a school made from bamboo

Every Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 PM you can have a tour of the Green school in Ubud. I was very curious about the Green school because of the architecture.  I saw on internet amazing buildings made from bamboo and wanted to see it in real life.. Absolutely great..  the buildings are fantastic made. The whole environment is amazing. Have a look on their website, you can read the story behind the Green School and more info about the tour…