Double T Tour 2015

The Double T Tour is a sponsored bicycle-tour to help people with HIV on Bali.

On 18th of October 2015 the Double T Tour took place for the second time in Bali.

The route was the same as last year, from Tirta Ganga in the east to Tanah Lot in south west of Bali. A bicycle-tour ride of 110 km.

Last year Mathieu and Ad did the tour. This time 3 cyclists joined them, 2 men and 1 woman. The cyclists for this year are Mathieu, Ad, Nico, Steef and Patris.

Amazing what they did because it was so hot, but they all made it!

After 5,5 hours actual riding, so excluding the 4 drink stops, they finished at Tanah Lot. Very tired but very satisfied and welcomed by their support teams, lots of friends and a big group of people from Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

They are also satisfied because they raised the fantastic amount of US $ 10.000 for the Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

Great respect for this amazing cycling team!

On 20th of November 2015 a check with the value of $ 10.000 was presented
to Dr. Wirawan of Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.
Press of different newspapers were also present.
Mathieu and Ad gave milk packages to the children of HIV effected parents




Mathieu, Ad, Patris, Nico and Steef


They arrived at the 1st stop in Candidasa



The Double T Tour received a donation from the people of Candidasa




They made it! Mathieu checked the time…

Welcomed by their support teams, lots of friends and a big group of people fromYayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

Micro Galleries

I went with my friends to Denpasar for Micro Galleries on Saturday 3rd of October.

Micro galleries reclaims disused and forgotten spaces and reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. Bringing together International and local artists, it features work that challenges ingrained ideas, blurs the line between street art and fine art and aims to help change the way we see the world, our environment and our community – even for a micro moment.

(More info:

The art scene took place around the Badung tradional market. Our plan was having an art tour so we couldn’t miss any artwork. Unfortunately we missed the tour, so we walked by our self to find the art work. And we have seen fantastic art work. Great wall paintings, installations in the Badung river and in Jl. Ternate Gang III, a very small street, full of art on the walls. Paintings, photos. illustrations etc. very cool…. Also I had the opportunity in Jl. Ternate Gang III to do a workshop, pinhole photography. Amazing what you can do with a simple can, photo paper, a little chemical and sunlight, you can shoot a photo……. The boys from Semut ireng Photography who gave the workshop did a great job, so helpful. It was a lot of fun…

Despite that we not have seen all the art work, we had a great day. If Micro Galleries comes again to Bali, I definitely go again and don’t want to miss any art work….


Amazing wall painting


Installations above and in the Badung river and more great wall paintings



L: One of the artist and his art – R: ‘Spy’ Capiche art



Great photography and funny art


One of the guys of Semut Ireng Photography teached me pinhole photography. He did a great job!



Old Man’s at Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong beach is a popular spot for surfers. The beach has good waves and there are several spots that give many opportunities for surfers to conquer the waves and enjoy surfing adventures.

Also popular is Old Man’s at Batu Bolong. A beachfront beer garden and restaurant made from bamboo. A place with good vibe that is enjoyed by many, young and old, surfers and hipsters, locals and expats. The food is yummy and during the week from 5 till 6 pm, happy hour!

Every last Saturday of the month Old Man’s transforms into a whirlpool of small stalls where everything from homemade cakes, healthy organic drinks to stunning designed jewelry, bags, ceramics, bikinis, swim suits and lots more can be bought.

If you are in Bali, don’t miss it. The market is from 8am – 3pm.

Have fun!










Wira and Mita’s Wedding

In July we joined another happy event. On 6th of July we went to Wira and Mita’s wedding, Mita is one of our staff in villa Blubambu.

With the rest of the staff we went to the wedding reception.

Wira and Mita looked stunning, so beautiful. I love the traditional Balinese wedding clothing.

We went on the second day of the wedding. The first day was the wedding ceremony with family. During the two wedding days many friends came along in the lovely location with beautiful wedding offerings.

All the guests got a delicious meal and so did we. After the meal we went home, it was a beautiful day.

Wira and Mita we wish you a great life with lots of love, lots of beautiful kids, happiness and good health!









Baby naming ceremony in Bali

On 30th of June we were invited to witness a traditional Balinese baby naming ceremony that is held when the baby is 3 months old. Gede, our villa manager, his son turned 3 months. This is the time when the baby receives his first given name and given his first jewelry.

This Bali ceremony is a beautiful event with lots of socializing between the family and with many offerings and prayings.

The women “baptizing” the baby in water.  The bowl with water was filled with jewelry. This jewelry is for the baby. After “baptizing” the parents put special jewelry on the baby.  A necklace with a small box, inside the box is a peace of the umbilical cord of the baby. Bracelets for both arms and anklets for both legs and a ring. All jewelry is made from silver or gold. The boy looks beautiful.

After a delicious meal we went back home impressed by this beautiful ritual.

And the name of the baby is: I Gede Bagus Angga Pramudya


The parents Gede and Desi


Many offerings and prayings


The women “baptizing” the baby



The women collect the jewelry from the bowl


Inside the box is a peace of the umbilical cord of the baby


The baby looks beautiful


Proud parents with baby I Gede Bagus Angga Pramudya

Java Jazz Festival Jakarta 2015

As promised I hereby show you my photo impression from the Java Jazz Festival last weekend.

We did not see all the musicians as there were around 142 artists performing. 

We loved to see and hear Chaka Khan, Oleta Adams, Michael Lington, Bobbi McFerrin, Courtney Pine, Snarky Puppy, Incognito, Meshel Ndegeocello, Kenny Latimore, Naturally 7 and lots more amazing artists, just too many to mention all here…

Any way we had a great time and we looking forward going again next year!

























Rio Sidik Quartet at Java Jazz Festival 2015

Last weekend we went with our friends Ad and Brenda to Jakarta for Java Jazz Festival.

It was my first time and it was great.

A huge venue with lots of different stages. Very well organized and very crowded too. Lots of young people.

The artists were amazing. Around 142 foreign and local artists.  Well known artists like Chaka Khan, Oleta Adams, Bobbi Mcferrin, Chris Botti and lots more. Also artists I didn’t know before but also very good, we loved it.

I love to show all my photos from Java Jazz Festival  but will start to put in the spotlights a very good local Jazz band from Bali. Rio Sidik – trumpet, Erik Sondhy – piano, Ito Kurdhin – electric bass and Edy Siswanto – drums.

In Bali we go and watch them often in Ryoshi house of Jazz. If you are in Bali don’t miss to see this amazing Jazz band. You will love it!


Rio Sidik Quartet


Rio Sidik


Erik Sondhy


Ito Kurdhin


Edy Siswanto



Quince, a lovely restaurant in Batubelig

Every day I drive on my motorbike from Canggu to Seminyak.

One day I noticed a small café called Quince. It looks really nice so I planned to go there and have some lunch.

The cafe has a cosy terrace with lots of pot plants. Inside the café it looks awesome with concrete, glass and wooden details and also lots of plants.

Quince gives a homy feeling because of the interior but also because of Armen and Michelle, the owners. They are such nice friendly people, great to talk to

I ordered a baquette with turmeric and lemongrass grilled chicken and it looks like a present, nicely wrapped in paper and the taste was yummi.

Also I tried the Vietnamese salad. The presentation of the plate and the taste was again great.

Quince is also for take away. Open everyday 9am – 4pm

If you are in Bali, don’t miss this lovely place.

Jalan Batubelig 2A
Kerobokan, Bali
Phone: +62 (0)81 338 522 529

In Quince they use fresh and healthy ingredients and you can have a peak in the kitchen. Michelle will tell you all about the food.

The breakfast platter – a stunning selection of tropical fruit compote, grain muesli with yoghurt and local honey, house baked beans with cherry tomatoes, spanish onion and oregano, a leek, thyme and comte cheese puff pastry galette, a sugared brioche and a tiny glass of spiced milk. a glass of Jamu in the background

Vietnamese chicken coleslaw – shredded poached chicken with shaved cabbage, coriander, mint, spanish onion, chilli, roasted peanuts, fried shallots and garlic and a fish sauce dressing with krupuk meningo (betel nut crackers).

Bo la lot – Vietnamese spiced beef wrapped in betel leaves grilled with a herbed salad and a spicy dipping sauce.

Kalau and date creme brûlée with tropical fruit salad and dried fig and pistachio chocolate truffles. in the background, a tamarillo and basil tea.



Beautiful Bali Wedding

24th of September was the day that our villa manager Gede Suputra married with the beautiful Desi Oncrenx.

The wedding took place in Lemukih, a small mountain village in the North of Bali. The parents of both Gede and Desi live in Lemukih, so all ceremonies took place in this village that is situated in a beautiful part of Bali.

We went with all the staff of villa Blubambu to the North in order to celebrate this wedding of Gede and Desi.





A Balinese wedding is a big happening. When we arrived already 150 people visited the wedding couple and many more to follow. A wedding ceremony, including reception, can easily take up to three days.




The wedding couple looked stunning. Gede so ‘ganting’ (handsome) and Desi so ‘cantik’ (beautiful). It was also great to see all the beautiful ceremonial clothing they wear for the wedding.





Many rituals take place during a wedding ceremony. This happened in the family house and temple of Desi as well as Gede’s. The priests prayed and performed special ceremonial handlings and finally gave their blessings to the newlyweds.


It was another special experience of the great Balinese culture and traditions.

Fashion Show Barli Asmara


The Invite
Anne, the girlfriend of my nephew Fabian got an invite for a fashion show in Jimbaran. The fashion designer Barli Asmara is a young talented designer in Indonesia. Because Anne could bring some friends, we (my sister, two cousins, my nephew and I) joined her. My nephew said to me, bring you photo camera maybe you are allowed to make photos, so I did.


The Audience
The fashion show took place in hotel Le Meridien in Jimbaran, beautiful hotel. One of the sponsors was Fashion TV. When we arrived the boys from Fashion TV were already busy with their cameras. Anne asked the host if it was possible for me to make photos and that was no problem. But… I was thinking, close to the front of the catwalk is the best place to make photos so I asked if it was possible for me to position myself next to Fashion TV… The host asked the people of Fashion TV and they were ok with it. How cool was that, making fashion photos next to the boys of Fashion TV.

aud overzicht 4

The Fashion Show
All of us enjoyed the show very much. Barli Asmara is a great designer. The clothes beautiful, the models stunning and for me it was a great new photography experience. Now you can enjoy the photos!




The Designer Barli Asmara