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Double T Tour for Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation

This time a different kind of post, but it also has to do with Bali.

This post is about Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

The Kerti Praja Foundation provides a comprehensive strategy to HIV&AIDS prevention, care, support and treatment.

The projects address the medical, social, psychological and economical challenges faced by all people in Bali living with HIV&AIDS. For more information please click on the website of Yayasan Kerti Praja.

Like all foundations Yayasan Kerti Praja needs a lot of money to help these people.

Mathieu Nagelkerke from villa Blubambu/Blubambu Foundation and Ad Landheer from villa Santai Jasri/Binapurwaka Foundation have created a joint activity named Double T Tour to raise money for The Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

The Double T Tour is created to find sponsors and the sponsor money will be donated to the Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

The Double T Tour is a bicycle tour from the beautiful water palace Tirta Ganga in Karangasem all the way to the fantastic temple in the water called Tanah Lot in Tabanan. A tour of around 105 km over flat roads through the rice paddies in Tabanan region but also crossing steep hills in Karangasem.

Last weekend we travelled to Jasri in Karengasem so Mathieu and Ad could train together in the steep hills.

The Double T Tour will take place 20th April 2014 and sponsoring is still very welcome!


Ad’s bike


Mathieu’s bike


Pump up the volume


Check the vital systems


Final preparation


Seat adjustment, crucial element for the long trip


Ready, set, go…

YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade

I’m back again in Bali, so this will be my last ‘Dutch’ post for now. Next week posts from Bali and beyond… (Asia) will start.

This time I like to put in the spotlight Sade Joella Sulkers. She is my niece, the daughter of my sister. Sade just started with her company YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade. YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade sells fairtrade baby packages.

The packaging (offer basket), the pillows, the jar- and diaper bags, all is made by small family companies in Bali.  Balinese housewives made the crochet flowers for the pillows. The dolls, the colourful cards and cute little Buddha soaps are special made for charity, like the Bali Street Children and Kolewa Foundation.

The designs of the pillows, jar bags and diaper bags are designed by Joyce Reimers, the mother of Sade. She combined Indonesian batik and traditional Dutch printed fabric for her designs. It looks fantastic!

The families and housewives are happy with YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade, they make some business and the Bali Street Children are grateful that YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade buys the dolls and cards.

If one of your family members is pregnant, or your friend or colleaque don’t hestitate to buy a YOYOI baby package, it is great gift… and the newborn baby already helps another child.

For more information: or go to YOYOI Stylish Fairtrade facebook page (Dutch language).


As packaging we use beautiful offer baskets


The dolls special made for the Bali street children.
Colorful cards made by Bali street children and cute little Buddha soap made for Kolewa Foundation


Jar bags and diaper bag made from Indonesian batik and traditional Dutch fabric


Feeding pillow, front and back also made from Indonesian batik and traditional Dutch fabric


Baby package


YOYOI girls, Yocena, Yoliza and Indy (m/r/l) playing with the dolls


This pillow is a little bit too big…


I love my doll


That’s funny…  I fit in the basket

Carla Palermo, vintage and new fashion shop in Amsterdam

At the moment I’m in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Visiting family and friends.

I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends, Carla Palermo.
She is a beautiful colorful sweet and warm person.
Her parents come from Indonesia so Carla’s roots lie in Indonesia.

Carla is the owner of Carla Palermo, a vintage and new fashion shop downtown Amsterdam.

The area where the shop is located is called the 9-Straatjes, Amsterdam’s coolest and hip shopping area. Carla Palermo is a great shop. You’ll find exclusive vintage clothing, bags and boots but also you’ll find new fashion and jewelry.  I heard a woman say, this shop is like a candy store for women…

Beside the vintage and new fashion Carla sells Blubambu Buddha necklaces. The profit, 100%, of these necklaces goes to charity in Bali. Some of the new clothes in the shop are made in Bali, in small fair-trade companies.

Carla Palermo also supports deaf girls in Bali, she pays the salary of the craft teacher so the girls get sewing lessons and she financially supports a toddler so the toddler can go to kindergarten.

Yes! Carla is a great person and I’m very happy she is my friend…

If you go to Amsterdam don’t miss Carla Palermo shop.

Carla Palermo
Huidenstraat 4 | de 9 Straatjes
1016 ES  Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)6 23237698

My best friend Carla Palermo

The colorful shop

Boots are made for walking…

Beautiful kimono and vintage hats

Colorful jewelry

Blubambu Buddha necklaces for charity


This handmade doll is made to support Bali street children.

“Our mission is to give loving support, care, education and skills for disadvantaged children to have the opportunity of a satisfying and productive life as good citizens”.

Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak – loving & caring for kids |

This doll is available in different colors and sizes and you can buy the doll in several shops in Bali. I bought this one at Indivie, Jl. Raya Seminyak, Seminyak, Bali (next to Made’s Warung)

If you are in Seminyak, don’t miss this shop, Indivie, they have amazing beautiful things, all products made in Indonesia…