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Photography: if mentioned otherwise, all photos on this weblog are made by Brenda Reimers

4 responses to “Contact

  • georgie

    Hi I am a designer too. Living in Australia and often getting my designs made by a silversmith in Ubud. He has recently told me that he is unable to manufacture my range. Is there any advise you can offer. I think Ketut looks like a great craftsman, can you forward his contact details to me please. Kind regards Georgie

    • Brenda Reimers

      Hi Georgie, Ketut works at Anom silver and gold jewelry store in Celuk the silver village. I’m sorry, I have no address or phonenumber. Ketut speaks no English, just bahasa Indonesia. One of my Balinese friends arranged everything for me because I don’t speak bahasa Indonesia. Kind regards, Brenda

  • glenda wilson

    Hi I purchased in July a Vintage door hanging from your shop across the road from the café at bungalow living .I met the lady who works there who told me the story about the hanging , and where it was from . It was really interesting and I have the hanging up in my house and would love to have the story to tell to my friends . I hope you can send me a small story of the lovely piece. my dockets information is 10/7/2015 I bought 6 items do you have a copy of the docket to check which item it was . Thankyou so much Glenda

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