Shopping Paradise

Sometimes it feels as if all Balinese people as well as the people from other Indonesian islands are craftmans, designers, artists… because you find so many creative people in Bali. And..  don’t forget designers and artist coming from other parts of the world.  Bali is a melting pot of creative people and I love it!

In Bali you can find loads of different creative products. Hip and trendy, modern and traditional, beautiful and funny, all kind of designs are here.

All the products on this page are for sale. If you want more info about a product, you want to buy or you have a request, please send an email to or leave a reply. (Don’t forget your emailaddress…)

Head decoration from Papua New Guinea
Material: shells | sizes: b30 x h28 cm

Water bowl made in Sumba
Material: wood | sizes: h35 cm, circ. 47 cm

Necklace from Nias, Sumatra
Material: coconut, sizes: b26 x 28 cm

Decoration from Timor
Material: wood and bone | sizes: h69 cm, circ. 10 cm

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