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Double T Tour 2015

The Double T Tour is a sponsored bicycle-tour to help people with HIV on Bali.

On 18th of October 2015 the Double T Tour took place for the second time in Bali.

The route was the same as last year, from Tirta Ganga in the east to Tanah Lot in south west of Bali. A bicycle-tour ride of 110 km.

Last year Mathieu and Ad did the tour. This time 3 cyclists joined them, 2 men and 1 woman. The cyclists for this year are Mathieu, Ad, Nico, Steef and Patris.

Amazing what they did because it was so hot, but they all made it!

After 5,5 hours actual riding, so excluding the 4 drink stops, they finished at Tanah Lot. Very tired but very satisfied and welcomed by their support teams, lots of friends and a big group of people from Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

They are also satisfied because they raised the fantastic amount of US $ 10.000 for the Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

Great respect for this amazing cycling team!

On 20th of November 2015 a check with the value of $ 10.000 was presented
to Dr. Wirawan of Yayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.
Press of different newspapers were also present.
Mathieu and Ad gave milk packages to the children of HIV effected parents




Mathieu, Ad, Patris, Nico and Steef


They arrived at the 1st stop in Candidasa



The Double T Tour received a donation from the people of Candidasa




They made it! Mathieu checked the time…

Welcomed by their support teams, lots of friends and a big group of people fromYayasan Kerti Praja Foundation.

Due to sickness no new post for this week 😦 I hope to be back next week…

House ceremony in Tabanan, Bali

Mitah is one of our staff in villa Blubambu. Together with her family she moved to a new house in Tabanan.

Before they move to live and sleep in the house a special ceremony takes place. This is to ask the gods permission for moving in.

Mitah invited us for this special house ceremony. We are always very honored to be invited for a Balinese ceremony. They are such beautiful experiences.

We got to meet Mitah’s family and were offered delicious food and drinks. Fascinated we watched the ceremony. The priest was praying and the other women and men were cleansing the house and making special offerings. Mitah and her family were also blessed by the priest.

After a few hours we left. We wish Mitah and her family, lots of love, happiness and good health while they live in their new house.


Mitah’s new house


The praying priest


The women bring offerings


Cleansing the house



Mitah’s dad


The family receiving the blessings




Mitah with her grandfather

Goodbye 2012… Welcome 2013

This year we celebrated the holidays with our neighbors from Australia, England and Japan.

We had a great X-Mas lunch at Indonational Bar & Restaurant. Indonational Bar & Restaurant is a very popular Australian restaurant in Legian, Bali. Our neighbour Sue and partner Julie are the owners of Indonational.  We had a great time, lunch was great, drinks too were great, the atmosphere was great and Australians are great people! If you go to Bali, don’t miss this restaurant. Besides Australian food they also offer a number of other different dishes as well as vegetarian and gluten free food.

The X-Mas lobster was very yummi!

Indonational Bar & Restaurant, Jl. Padma no. 17, Legian, Bali




At New Years Eve we visited our neighbors Gary from England and his wife Tomomi from Japan, together we went to Seminyak beach to celebrate NYE. We brought champagne and wishing lanterns with us. The beach was packed and the atmosphere great, we saw loads of beautiful fireworks.



At 00:00 hrs we toasted for the New Year and burned the wishing lantern to celebrate Mathieu’s birthday and make a wish…




A fairy tale wedding in Jimbaran, Bali

Photography by: Brenda Reimers & Surya Wijana

Bali is the place to be for weddings, because there are so many nice and beautiful spots and places on the island. Couples love to have their wedding in Bali.

Last week I placed a post of the Shaba. Wednesday 12.12.12 the groom Mark and his bride Maddy celebrated there wedding at this beautiful place. At 12:12 pm they had a ceremony at the beach of Jimbaran, followed with a Balinese ceremony in the afternoon that took place in the garden of the Shaba. I was the lucky one to be their wedding photographer…

The couple looked beautiful and the whole wedding day was great.  It had all aspects of a fairy tale wedding. Beautiful, emotional and all had a lot of fun.

I took many photos, too much to show them all. But I like to share a few…






6 7



The Shaba, a fairy-tale place

Last week I had to photograph a wedding in Jimbaran. The ceremony took place at the beach of Jimbaran as well as in the garden of the Shaba. The Shaba is a three suite tropical, luxury hotel.

Wow, what an incredible place is the Shaba. The unique architecture and stunning interior design, with not a detail overlooked, is amazingly beautiful and when the evening starts and they lit all the candles you feel you are in a fairy-tale…










A day at the beach…

With the temperatures around 30 degrees every day it is very nice to spent the occasional day at the beach.

We live only 5 minutes walk from the beach. Living here permanently we do not have time to go every day so for us Sunday is beach day. It’s like the locals they also go on Sunday. I really enjoyed my Bali beach Sunday again.

The beaches in Bali are great. They are wide with big waves rolling in. There is always a nice mix of tourists and locals.  I took some very nice happy photos for you to enjoy …


You see them a lot, Balinese flags called umbul umbul…


La Plancha, the place to be


This little goalie waiting for the ball


Lifeguards on (relax) duty


Wedding shoot


Another beach club to relax


One of the many place to learn how to surf


No more lessons needed


Beach yoga

CHILL Amsterdam

As mentioned in my former posts, I’m in Holland at the moment visiting family and friends. I have a big family and it is great seeing them again.

One of the family members is my younger sister Penny. Today I like to place a post about her because she has a fantastic massage studio in Amsterdam, called CHILL Amsterdam.

If she gives me a massage it feels like I’m in Asia. The atmosphere, the smell of the oils, the soft music, the massage, so great, so relaxed, so zen…

She is qualified in offering different kinds of massages, like relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, sport massage, Shiatsu, etc. More information you will find on her website:

Besides the great massages you can also buy beautiful hand made jewelry at CHILL Amsterdam!

CHILL Amsterdam
Hogeweg 29-1
1098 BW Amsterdam

T. +31 (0)20-8406772

The realaxing massage room

The oils and the beautiful flowers…

and hand made jewelry

Fragrant massage oil…

good for the body…

head and hair

Just relax… and enjoy the massage

You certainly comes back…

Tattooshop FriendShip, Amsterdam

I’m in the Netherlands at the moment. Visiting family and friends. I have a great big family and I’m happy to see them all again.

One of the family members is my nephew Fabian, the son of my sister.

Fabian is a tattoo artist.  A few years ago together with his friends Omar Bernardus and Jens Rasmus Jensen they opened a tattoo shop, called Tatooshop FriendShip. The shop looks great and is located downtown Amsterdam.

The boys are very talented.  Like in Asia and Australia tattoos are very popular in Europa as well. However, people come from all over the world to the shop to have a tattoo done.

Next to new and old customers also many friends come to visit the shop because the atmosphere is cool and it’s nice to meet people.

If you go to Amsterdam and you want to have a tattoo…  don’t miss this great Tattooshop FriendShip.

There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet…

Tattooshop FriendShip
Binnen Bantammerstraat 6
1011 CK  Amsterdam

Tel. +31 (0) 6 19229921

More photos and information you’ll find on their facebook page Tattooshop FriendShip

The boys of Tattooshop FriendShip

FabianDean and Jens Rasmus Jensen

Checking the drawings

Looking good Edu de Leau

Tattoo artist Omar Bernardus in action…

               There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet…

In the spotlight: Balinese photographer and web designer Surya Wijaya

Since I live in Bali I have met a lot of great talented people. One of them is Surya Wijaya.

Surya is a great photographer and specializes in luxury property photography but he is also good in beauty & fashion, jewelry, people & culture.

Besides photography he also develops excellent websites. One of the projects he is working on now is redesigning the Villa Blubambu website. We are full of anticipation to see the result and will keep you informed when it goes life so you can check out for yourself.

If you want to see some of Surya’s beautiful photos go to

Surya in action…

around the swimmingpool..

or inside the guestrooms

behind the bushes

or from above…

Villa Blubambu by day. Photographer: Surya Wijaya

Villa Blubambu in the evening. Photographer: Surya Wijaya