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Folkart Gallery Bali

I posted already about Folkart Gallery. This museum/shop has a substantial collection of museum quality antique art. I’ll post again because the collection is amazing and very interesting. If I go to the shop, Linda Bennett, one of the owners, tells me the stories behind the collection. She knows all about each item in the shop by name and history.

Folkart Gallery Bali is located at Jl Oberoi 17B, Seminyak.
Tel: 0361 – 738112/734123. For more information go to:

Old teak gold leaf Buddha on thee elephants.
Old gold leaf teak altar.  ~ Burma ~

Late 19th century.  Gold leaf Buddha & fine old wood.
Gold leaf mirrored altar.  ~ Burma ~

Late 19th century. Lacquer Zushi altar.  ~ Japan ~

Late 19th century. Gold leaf – encrusted royal pair of fans.  ~ Burma ~

Medicine box. 24k Gold leaf with magical potions.  ~ Burma ~

Medicine box. Amazing details, so beautiful..

The inside of the medicine box

Medicine box. 12 Surrounding magic man, representing the Burmese Astrological Beliefs. ~ Burma ~

12 Surrounding magic man.  ~ Burma ~


Folkart Gallery Bali

My friend Linda Bennett owns together with John Anderson, museum/shop Folkart Gallery Bali.

They have a substantial collection of museum quality antique art. They are specialized in Asian arts, especially pieces from Burma.

If you are in the shop you don’t know where to start (looking), they have so many incredible beautiful pieces. Jewelry, bags made from beautiful textile, umbrellas, wooden statues, Buddha’s etc, too much to tell.  If you love Asian antique definitely don’t miss Folkart Gallery Bali.

On a regular basis I will show you the beautiful pieces they offer through this weblog.

Folkart Gallery Bali is located at Jl Oberoi 17B, Seminyak.
Tel. 0361 – 738113/734123. For more information go to:

View at Folkart Gallery

Naga tribe warriors hat
Woven – monkey hair – Boars tusks | Northern India | Age: 80 years old

Pair of monks
Late 19th century | Rare paper maché – lacquer – goldleaf | Buddhas chief disciples | Sariputta & Moggalana

Royal ceremonial umbrella
Late 19th century | Used in holy Buddhist processions | 22K gold leaf over handmade Mulberry paper | Inside a beautiful web of woven silk threads

Large white horse puppet
All Burmese puppet shows are opened with a white horse puppet galloping across the stage | Myin horse | The creation of the earth is symbolized by the horse dance, always a white stallion | Onyx – white Jade eyes, glass – jewel, bridle – saddle | Carved from Yemanay wood

Royal ceremonial umbrella
Late 19th century | Used in holy Buddhist processions | 22K gold leaf over handmade Mulberry paper | Inside a beautiful web of woven silk threads

Burmese wooden baby puppet
A hand carved and painted | With moveable arms and legs | Puppetry satisfied the Burmese love of folk tales / mythology

Late 19th Burmese Angels | Carved of teak with gold leaf and jeweled glass | Believed to accompany one to their next life

Made in Indonesia

In a former post I wrote about the store Indivie (see categories: Charity). Because the store looks so beautiful and because they sell amazing designed products I would like to tell you more about this store.

The walls and ceiling of the store are covered with natural colored banana paper. The wall behind the shop counter looks like it is from stone but it is a large painting, brilliant…

Products sold at Indivie are all made in Indonesia, the ceramics, the jewelry, the hand woven textile, the lamps, recycled design bags and clutches, carved cabinet etc. too many to tell.

On a regular basis I will highlight certain products you can find in the store. This week I show you wooden masks and ducks covered with leather lacework, the ornamentation.

When in Seminyak and you want to buy a special gift for your loved ones or yourself, don’t miss this store!

Indivie store is located at Made’s Warung, Jl Raya Seminyak, Seminyak. Phone number: +62 (0)361 730927

Carved skull

I saw this piece of art in front of a shop at Jalan Kunti in Seminyak,  just on the side of the road. It is a carved skull of a cow. Maybe you find it a bit scary but if you look at the carving you will see it is amazing they can do that, so creative…  I like it!

Weeping Buddha

I bought this weeping Buddha, also called Yogiman, on the market in Ubud.

The weeping Buddha soaks up the sorrows and worries of the world and brings peace and compassion to all who rub his back!

The weeping Buddha is a nice gift to people who buy a new house or move to another house because the weeping Buddha also protects homes. It keeps evil outside.

Necklace made in New Guinea

This beautiful decoration necklace is made in New Guinea. It’s made from shells and all handmade.  A friend asked me to buy this necklace for her. She was in Bali for a few weeks  and saw the necklace. She didn’t buy it because she had to buy so many other things. When she was back in Holland she was sorry she didn’t buy the necklace.  So.. I bought it for her and took it to her when I went to Holland.

That’s see so many beautiful things made by local people. They are so creative, they are brilliant craftsmen…

Products, beautiful and funny

In Bali you see loads of different creative products, hip and trendy, modern and traditional, beautiful and funny…

The design of this coffee cup and saucer is beautiful. The little spoon on top of the edge and the holes, specially made for little cookies…

I have a fly in my drink can’t happen with the crochet lid on top of your glass. The crochet coaster matches with the crochet lid, it’s funny but also stylish….

Necklace from Nias

I’ve spotted this beautiful decoration necklace. It is made from coconut and manufactured in Nias, Sumatra. Is all handmade..

On the page ‘shopping paradise’ you’ll see more beautiful products I spotted today…


In Bali you can find a lot of products. Hip and trendy, modern and traditional, beautiful and funny, all kind of designs. Many products are handmade. If you travel through Bali you’ll spot many workplaces and they show their products on the side of the road.

This beautiful vase is a present of a good friend of mine. It’s a mosaic design and handmade.  Great color, I love it..