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Asian photos in black and white

This Balinese boy in his beautiful clothes is Suwitra. They call them Suwit. He is a gardener  and he works in Seminyak. Originally he is from the village Lemukih, region Singaraja, in the North of Bali.

Bali Arts Festival 2012

Last Sunday we went with our Balinese friends Surya and Irma to the Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar.

The Bali Arts Festival is a full month of daily performances, handicraft exhibitions and other related cultural and commercial activities during which literally the whole of Bali comes to the city to present its offerings of dance, music and beauty.

The festival is a big event for the locals and tourists. When we arrived in the morning it was already busy at the Arts Festival.

We started to see the handicraft and fabrics manufactured in different regions of Bali. Amazing what these people can make. Take the very precise work of the woodcarving or this beautiful kris, all made by hand. The woven fabrics have stunning colors and some are expensive due to the large amount of work and time it takes to finish one cloth.

We enjoyed watching the make-up artist contest.  The models received beautiful make-up, preparing them for the next fashion show.

The fashion show was very popular and therefore the big theater was fully packed!

Surya and Irma guided us through several buildings, museum and stages on the premises. We had a great day.

 Next time we want to go in the afternoon and evening to see music, dance and other performances.

Make-up artist contest

The jury

Fashion show

All handmade

All kind of art

Beautiful building

One of the stages

We love our staff (2)

These two beautiful girls are Putu and Mitah. They are part of our Balinese staff or actually family.  Every morning Putu and Mitah prepare a delicious breakfast for our guests. They spoil us with mix juices, fruit plates and pancakes, not all good… but so yummy.  During the day they take care of the villa and the guesthouses, cleaning them spotless. We are so happy with them. We’re still number one of all B&B’s in Seminyak, Bali and Indonesia on TripAdvisor. Without our Balinese staff/family we couldn’t have managed that!

Because villa Blubambu is always in good hands we can afford a holiday now and then. Tomorrow we are going to Perth in Australia. That means lovely readers… the coming 2 weeks no posts on Inspired by Bali and beyond. But… I’ll be back!

Asian photos in black and white

A Balinese priest gives his blessing during a wedding ceremony…

Welcome on board at grill-bar Pavilion!

Last Friday we went to grill-bar Pavilion, the new hotspot in Batu Belig. If you go to Batu Belig you can’t miss it, from a distance you’ll see a big white tent with a beautiful roof. The big white tent is the terrace of grill-bar Pavilion and attached to it you ‘ll find the restaurant. The restaurant is very stylish designed. The colors blue and white of the couch and the chairs match beautifully with the wooden tables, walls and doors.

It was very busy in Pavilion due to aperitivo that started at 5pm. From now on every Friday! We had a lot of fun with our friends and it is also a great place to make new friends. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Try the steak it’s very yummy… The Dutch owners Andre and Vanessa looking forward to welcome you!

Folkart Gallery Bali

I posted already about Folkart Gallery. This museum/shop has a substantial collection of museum quality antique art. I’ll post again because the collection is amazing and very interesting. If I go to the shop, Linda Bennett, one of the owners, tells me the stories behind the collection. She knows all about each item in the shop by name and history.

Folkart Gallery Bali is located at Jl Oberoi 17B, Seminyak.
Tel: 0361 – 738112/734123. For more information go to:

Old teak gold leaf Buddha on thee elephants.
Old gold leaf teak altar.  ~ Burma ~

Late 19th century.  Gold leaf Buddha & fine old wood.
Gold leaf mirrored altar.  ~ Burma ~

Late 19th century. Lacquer Zushi altar.  ~ Japan ~

Late 19th century. Gold leaf – encrusted royal pair of fans.  ~ Burma ~

Medicine box. 24k Gold leaf with magical potions.  ~ Burma ~

Medicine box. Amazing details, so beautiful..

The inside of the medicine box

Medicine box. 12 Surrounding magic man, representing the Burmese Astrological Beliefs. ~ Burma ~

12 Surrounding magic man.  ~ Burma ~


Adorable Asian kids

I spotted this sweet little boy on the beach in Karangasem. I tried to get his attention but he didn’t react, he kept on playing with sand and water. Suddenly he turned and looked straight at me. He said nothing but I heard him thinking, okay, one photo, but then you have to go. I took the photo and left…

Beautiful Karangasem

In Karangasem, we stayed in villa Flow. Later in a new post I’ll show you photos of this beautiful place. But for now I would like to show you a few photos of villa Flow’s private beach, because it fits in this post about the nature of beautiful Karangasem.

While in Karangasem we also took a walk through the rice fields. We hired a guide to show us his beautiful Karangasem.  The walk was a great experience, it was fun and we enjoyed the breath taking views.  Karangasem is so beautiful, the rice fields, mount Agung in the distance, farmers working on the land, the animals, silence. We walked all the way to restaurant Bali Asli to treat our self to a delicious lunch…

Villa Flow’s private beach

Villa Flow’s private beach

Villa Flow’s private beach

Our guide

Beautiful Karangasem, area Amlapura

Beautiful Karangasem, area Amlapura

Beautiful Karangasem, area Amlapura

Hardworking farmers

Breath taking views of the rice fields

Bali Asli restaurant and cooking classes

After the walk we had lunch in Bali Asli, restaurant and cooking school. When we arrived at the location, wow! the view is stunning and took our breath away… The restaurant is situated in the tranquility of the rice fields and in the distance you can see Mount Agung… amazing view…

We stayed to short in Karangasem otherwise we would have joined for a cooking class. We’ve heard it is so fun, you learn a lot about real authentic Balinese cooking and much much more,  it is very good. That day a group of photographers followed the cooking class and you can see they enjoyed it a lot… Penny Williams, the executive chef and director gives the classes, she is one of the best..

Before the lunch Penny explained us all about the ingredients and the food. The food was great, as well as the atmosphere and location.  Unfortunately the memory card of my camera was full otherwise I could have shown you the food and the beautiful table set up, but we will be back!

For more information about Bali Asli restaurant and cooking classes go to:

Adorable Asian kids

I spotted these two girls in Lombok. Both girls are beautiful and in particular the girl in the front with her face in the shape of a heart…