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Cremation in Bali

Very often you will see parades in Bali, many are part of a cremation. The bigger the parade means most of the time that an important and rich person is being cremated.

It remains always very impressive to see a parade with so many Balinese people in their beautiful clothes. Some are laughing, some crying, some looking very sad, some praying, some singing and some making music.

I took the photos in Seminyak and I will continue making photos about parades or ceremonies, it shows the real Bali…

and beyond… Fremantle, Australia

Our (ex colleague) friends living in Perth advised us to go to Fremantle (know as Freo by the locals) on Sunday. All shops are open on Sunday in Fremantle but you can also do a lot of other things. South Terrace, otherwise known as the Cappuccino strip, is a cosmopolitan mix of cafes, pubs, and restaurants. A browse through the markets, visit galleries, Maritime museum, the Round House, Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle Prison, etc. etc.

Fremantle is 19 kilometers from Perth and we took the train to get there, very easy…

We had a good time, visiting shops and the market, stopping for nice wine in a wine bar and an Italian lunch. We also took a tour of Fremantle Prison and finishing the day with a dinner of fresh mussels at the harbor area.

Fremantle Prison is one of WA’s most fascinating and significant cultural attractions and indeed we found it very interesting.

More information you will find on

Asian photos in black and white

Priests praying at wedding ceremony.
Village Lekumih, region Singaraja in North of Bali.

Asian photos in black and white

I like this portrait, a strong friendly face of a Balinese man.
I took this photo in Seminyak during a ceremony.

John Hardy compound

My friends and I got an invitation to visit the John Hardy compound. John Hardy is the brand name for exclusive luxury silver and gold handmade jewelry and lifestyle accessories. The compound is located at Mambal, close to Ubud. Approximately 700 people work on the compound.

If you enter the compound it feels like stepping into paradise, the location is amazing. This is not a boring factory but a very, very green work environment.  Beautiful bamboo buildings with yellow and orange Balinese flags surrounded by big trees. Bridges over small rivers. Animals, flowers and much more of what nature offers us.

We got a tour of the workplaces, to view the process of jewelry making. It was very impressive to watch the workers make the jewelry and lifestyle accessories all by hand. Loved the beautiful bamboo showroom as well as the amazing authentic Balinese open-air kitchen. Except for the fridge they don’t use electricity or gas in the kitchen, they use wood fire instead. Every day for lunch a meal of traditional Indonesian specialties is prepared for approx. 700 people.  Because they are dedicated to sustainable living, produce form their organic garden and surrounding farms is used for the delicious meals.

After the tour we enjoyed such a traditional lunch together with all the managers and other guests. The food was really delicious, we loved all of it, the lunch, the tour, the buildings, the people, …

Unfortunately it is not allowed to make photos of the workplaces and jewelry so I show you the beautiful location, kitchen and showroom.

If you go to or
you will see the beautiful jewelry and lots more information about John Hardy.

Many thanks Eric for the invitation, it was an unique experience…

And beyond… Perth, Australia

We stayed in Perth for a couple of days. Very lucky with the weather, crispy clear blue sky and not too cold, so we strolled around the city. It is a beautiful city surrounded by water. 

Because we both like art our first stop was Art Gallery of WA Perth Cultural Centre to see the exhibition Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters… After that we walked to Kings Park and Botanical gardens. Jacob’s ladder was a nice challenge, we took the stairs all the way up… pfff… very heavy, a good condition helps. For runners the stairs is a popular training track. From above you have sweeping views of the city.

We walked through the park towards Subiaco area. On the way I had to stop several times, wanting to photograph the beautiful trees, some look like a piece of art. Subiaco was nice for shopping and we had a great lunch with (ex colleague) friends living in Perth.  To be continued…

Asian photos in black and white

I took this photo from the beautiful old man during a ceremony in Seminyak.  I’m still curious what he is eating…

And beyond… the surfer and the Indian Ocean, Prevelly, West Australia

During our stay in Australia we rented a car and drove to Margaret River. We took the scenic route, the road close to the Indian Ocean. Never in my life I saw water so blue like the Indian Ocean, amazingly beautiful… In the distance we saw surfers trying to ride the ocean waves. Of course we want to see this up close, so we stopped the car, walked to the beach line and watched the surfers. Unbelievable, what a great surfer…

We love our staff (3)

This is Nyoman, our gardener. We are so happy with Nyoman, not only because he makes our garden look absolutely great, but also because he is very friendly and always willing to help.  He knows much about nature, the plants, trees, etc. Through the beautiful garden you can see that he loves his work. It is a pleasure to have him as part of our “small Blubambu family”!