Kuningan 2013

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been ill, couldn’t use my arm and hand due to shingles, so I could not make photographs or write.  I travelled to Holland and stayed for a month. When I came back to Bali we moved to another place, from Seminyak to Canggu.

We are almost done unpacking our stuff and decorating the house, so now I have time again for my blog, I’m back!!!

Today April 6th, it’s Kuningan in Bali. Kuningan is a religious holiday for the Balinese. More information about Galugan dan Kuningan you can find under:  http://www.holidaysia.com/events/galungan-kuningan/

During Galugan and Kuningan the Balinese go to different temples for offerings and ceremonies. They always look beautiful in their traditional ceremonial clothes.

In front of some houses you can see priests doing the offerings, praying and blessing families at their family temple, but most of the Balinese people also go to the Banjar temple and the bigger temples on the Island to do offerings and receive the blessings from the priests.


The most obvious sign for Galungan dan Kuningan is the penjor – bamboo poles weighed down by offerings suspended at the end. They can be seen all over at the side of the roads near the entrances of houses.



In Canggu the place were I live now, I photographed this priest and family, our new neighbours.



Families going to the temple for the praying, offerings and blessings






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