Jalan Gunung Atena

In Jalan Gunung Atena Depan Br. Padang Sumbu Tengah, Denpasar  you will find loads of handicraft shops and workplaces. Beautiful ethic art from the islands of Indonesia.

At the workplaces you see these large wooden sculptures, how can they create this? Unbelievable… they are great artists

Besides the handicraft shops you also find nice warungs and restaurants, handmade furniture shops, vintage shops, fashion shops etc.

I recommend you visit this street during your stay on Bali and see all this great products for your self. I bet you will buy something…

Exaudy Antique shop, Jl. Gunung Atena St. 17c, Denpasar
Phone: +62 (361) 7941575 | Email: exaudyantique@yahoo.com

Rustam, Irian Jaya Primitive art shop | Jl. Gunung Atena, Denpasar
Phone: 081 74709507 | Email: rustam_kong@yahoo.com









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