House ceremony in Tabanan, Bali

Mitah is one of our staff in villa Blubambu. Together with her family she moved to a new house in Tabanan.

Before they move to live and sleep in the house a special ceremony takes place. This is to ask the gods permission for moving in.

Mitah invited us for this special house ceremony. We are always very honored to be invited for a Balinese ceremony. They are such beautiful experiences.

We got to meet Mitah’s family and were offered delicious food and drinks. Fascinated we watched the ceremony. The priest was praying and the other women and men were cleansing the house and making special offerings. Mitah and her family were also blessed by the priest.

After a few hours we left. We wish Mitah and her family, lots of love, happiness and good health while they live in their new house.


Mitah’s new house


The praying priest


The women bring offerings


Cleansing the house



Mitah’s dad


The family receiving the blessings




Mitah with her grandfather


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