Goodbye 2012… Welcome 2013

This year we celebrated the holidays with our neighbors from Australia, England and Japan.

We had a great X-Mas lunch at Indonational Bar & Restaurant. Indonational Bar & Restaurant is a very popular Australian restaurant in Legian, Bali. Our neighbour Sue and partner Julie are the owners of Indonational.  We had a great time, lunch was great, drinks too were great, the atmosphere was great and Australians are great people! If you go to Bali, don’t miss this restaurant. Besides Australian food they also offer a number of other different dishes as well as vegetarian and gluten free food.

The X-Mas lobster was very yummi!

Indonational Bar & Restaurant, Jl. Padma no. 17, Legian, Bali




At New Years Eve we visited our neighbors Gary from England and his wife Tomomi from Japan, together we went to Seminyak beach to celebrate NYE. We brought champagne and wishing lanterns with us. The beach was packed and the atmosphere great, we saw loads of beautiful fireworks.



At 00:00 hrs we toasted for the New Year and burned the wishing lantern to celebrate Mathieu’s birthday and make a wish…





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