CHILL Amsterdam

As mentioned in my former posts, I’m in Holland at the moment visiting family and friends. I have a big family and it is great seeing them again.

One of the family members is my younger sister Penny. Today I like to place a post about her because she has a fantastic massage studio in Amsterdam, called CHILL Amsterdam.

If she gives me a massage it feels like I’m in Asia. The atmosphere, the smell of the oils, the soft music, the massage, so great, so relaxed, so zen…

She is qualified in offering different kinds of massages, like relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, sport massage, Shiatsu, etc. More information you will find on her website:

Besides the great massages you can also buy beautiful hand made jewelry at CHILL Amsterdam!

CHILL Amsterdam
Hogeweg 29-1
1098 BW Amsterdam

T. +31 (0)20-8406772

The realaxing massage room

The oils and the beautiful flowers…

and hand made jewelry

Fragrant massage oil…

good for the body…

head and hair

Just relax… and enjoy the massage

You certainly comes back…


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