Restaurant il Warung, Italian Indonesian food

Tucked away between hip and trendy shops at jalan Raya Seminyak you will find restaurant Il Warung an Italian Indonesian restaurant.

By accident I discovered restaurant Il Warung. Strolling and shopping in jalan Raya Seminyak I walked into a very small street between two shops. I was happily surprised, because I didn’t expect what I saw at all. I had the feeling I walked into an Asian fairytale, the place looks beautiful and is so colorful.

Restaurant Il Warung is surrounded by little boutiques but In the back of the restaurant you will find a big copper bar and an open kitchen, great design… The colorful Balinese umbrella’s, the Buddha statues, the copper tables and seats with colorful cushions all the Asian details that makes the place so beautiful.

I felt sorry I did not bring my camera with me, but I would come back to make pictures for the weblog.

And the food… the food is yummy. The first time I had a seafood salad and the second time a beef burger. If you live in Asia, it is delicious that you can eat Western food now and then. Restaurant Il Warung is the place were they have it both, Italian and Indonesian food…

Don’t miss this place if you are in Seminyak, Bali!

Restaurant Il Warung
Jl. Raya Seminyak (between Why Not shop and Bamboo Blond shop)
Seminyak, Bali

The entrance of restaurant Il Warung

The colorful Balinese umbrellas and cushions

The bar and kitchen made from copper

Great details like the umbrella holder and beautiful statues


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