Poleng the Color of Bali (2)

I posted already an item about poleng some time ago. Because poleng fascinates me, here some other photos. Poleng… Black and White, Ying and Yang, Good and Bad…

Many ceremonies took happened recently. I saw Balinese people in white- and in colorful clothes but a lot of poleng was also used. In daily life the Balinese use poleng for sarongs and flags, but also to dress temples, big trees and big rocks. As clothing for dancers or umbrella covers.  And today they even use poleng for fashion and accessories in modern style.

Yes, poleng really belongs to Bali…

Poleng important for temples

During Ogho-Ogho, the evening before Nyepi day 

Temple Ceremony in villa Blubambu 

Poleng creates a shadow place

Tough guards in poleng

Ogho-Ogho paper statues covered by poleng

Men wearing poleng during cremation gathering

Poleng for fashion and accessories in modern style


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