Temple Ceremony at Villa Blubambu

Friday 17th of August 2012 we had our annual (Balinese calendar) villa temple ceremony.

Each year we celebrate our temple ceremony. Some times we celebrate the ceremony quiet, just with our staff but every 2 or 3 years we invite our friends and our staff also invites their family and friends to celebrate the ceremony together with us.

This year Gede, our villa manager, his family took care of the ceremony. The grandfather of Gede is a Priest so he performed all the ceremonial praying and offering. Other family members of Gede cooked the traditional Balinese buffet were babi guling is the main dish. 

The first part of the ceremony is the praying and blessings from the Priest for all of us. When the Priest was finished we had our Balinese diner and drinks with all our friends and Balinese ‘family’.

It always very good to our staff and ourselves and we feel really blessed after the temple ceremony day…

Photography by Surya Wijaya

The Priest prays in front of the villa Temple

Bapak Mathieu got his blessings …

… and also ibu Brenda

Praying together with the Priest, staff and our friends

Bapak and Ibu feel blessed after the ceremony…


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