Bali’s Best Chefs: A Secret Garden Soiree

We heard about the secret dinners/soirees for fine dining. These dinners are hosted by some of the best chefs on the Bali Island as well as from abroad and held in secret (beautiful) locations that are not revealed until 48 hours before the event. This was one of those events we did not want to miss, in particular because we love good food and great wines and it sounded exciting… So we joined the Secret Garden Soiree party and we have no regrets! It was a great evening of meeting great people from all over the world while enjoying good food and drinks.

Thanks to Deborah Cayetano, the host and owner of Bali’s Best chefs.

Great drinks and delicious canapés

We tasted very good South African champagne and wines…

Violinist Helga Sedly from Hungary and on guitar Lianto Tjahjoputro, Indonesia

The host and owner of Bali’s Best Chefs Deborah Cayetano accompanied by chef Raiha and chef Sebastiaan

Flowers for Deborah. That day was also her birthday…

And the winner is…. and guess what… we won one night stay in the beautiful villa Da Vinci

Till late we enjoyed the Secret Garden Soiree

Facebook: Bali’s Best Chefs


2 responses to “Bali’s Best Chefs: A Secret Garden Soiree

  • DC

    Thanks, again Brenda. You have no idea how grateful I was that you stepped in to take these beautiful photos!

    This was truly a lovely event and I am already planning the next 2 events, the first in early September, and another at the end of September.

    Guests can email us at for more information.

    I know you and Mathieu will have a blast in the lovely Villa Da VInci! Enjoy!


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