and beyond… Fremantle, Australia

Our (ex colleague) friends living in Perth advised us to go to Fremantle (know as Freo by the locals) on Sunday. All shops are open on Sunday in Fremantle but you can also do a lot of other things. South Terrace, otherwise known as the Cappuccino strip, is a cosmopolitan mix of cafes, pubs, and restaurants. A browse through the markets, visit galleries, Maritime museum, the Round House, Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle Prison, etc. etc.

Fremantle is 19 kilometers from Perth and we took the train to get there, very easy…

We had a good time, visiting shops and the market, stopping for nice wine in a wine bar and an Italian lunch. We also took a tour of Fremantle Prison and finishing the day with a dinner of fresh mussels at the harbor area.

Fremantle Prison is one of WA’s most fascinating and significant cultural attractions and indeed we found it very interesting.

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