Folkart Gallery Bali

I posted already about Folkart Gallery. This museum/shop has a substantial collection of museum quality antique art. I’ll post again because the collection is amazing and very interesting. If I go to the shop, Linda Bennett, one of the owners, tells me the stories behind the collection. She knows all about each item in the shop by name and history.

Folkart Gallery Bali is located at Jl Oberoi 17B, Seminyak.
Tel: 0361 – 738112/734123. For more information go to:

Old teak gold leaf Buddha on thee elephants.
Old gold leaf teak altar.  ~ Burma ~

Late 19th century.  Gold leaf Buddha & fine old wood.
Gold leaf mirrored altar.  ~ Burma ~

Late 19th century. Lacquer Zushi altar.  ~ Japan ~

Late 19th century. Gold leaf – encrusted royal pair of fans.  ~ Burma ~

Medicine box. 24k Gold leaf with magical potions.  ~ Burma ~

Medicine box. Amazing details, so beautiful..

The inside of the medicine box

Medicine box. 12 Surrounding magic man, representing the Burmese Astrological Beliefs. ~ Burma ~

12 Surrounding magic man.  ~ Burma ~



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