Bali Asli restaurant and cooking classes

After the walk we had lunch in Bali Asli, restaurant and cooking school. When we arrived at the location, wow! the view is stunning and took our breath away… The restaurant is situated in the tranquility of the rice fields and in the distance you can see Mount Agung… amazing view…

We stayed to short in Karangasem otherwise we would have joined for a cooking class. We’ve heard it is so fun, you learn a lot about real authentic Balinese cooking and much much more,  it is very good. That day a group of photographers followed the cooking class and you can see they enjoyed it a lot… Penny Williams, the executive chef and director gives the classes, she is one of the best..

Before the lunch Penny explained us all about the ingredients and the food. The food was great, as well as the atmosphere and location.  Unfortunately the memory card of my camera was full otherwise I could have shown you the food and the beautiful table set up, but we will be back!

For more information about Bali Asli restaurant and cooking classes go to:


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