The Balinese like to gamble like most Asian people. A very popular gambling game is cockfighting.

Mathieu, my husband made a photo documentary about cockfighting in Bali. The project was called:

 ATM:    Ayam Tajen Money

When a rooster turns out to be a fighting cock, does the relation between owner and animal change?

This photographic documentary tries to find the answer!

Owners do seem to be caring for the animal and treat it very well. Good food, medication, massages, baths, training, preparation, etc.

One would think that the owner establishes a certain fondness for the animal. However, following the process to the end it became clear that eventually it’s all about entertainment and making money.

For the rooster, becoming a fighting cock, the road ends like for all roosters, as soto ayam!

MN, 26th September 2010, Sanur, Bali

Photography and text: Mathieu Nagelkerke


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