So cool you can design your own bag in Bali

Sometimes I like to design, jewelry, bags, belts etc. This time I would like to show you three bags.

The great thing about Bali is that you can create your own design, show it to one of the (leather) tailors and they produce your design. You can order one sample or many samples.

I wanted a straw bag combined with leather. In Bali I bought a basket, some leather, lining, zipper and a magnetic lock. I couldn’t find a nice handle so I bought the handle In Holland.  I went to a leather shop with the materials and accessories, showed the drawing I made and explained what I wanted. When the bag was finished I was satisfied. The bag looks good and was manufactured very well, so I planned to make more bags. One design but different combination of materials. The other ones looks also good, so I was happy… It is great fun to do this!

The basket bag I will keep, the other ones are for sale. The profit I’ll donate to the children house Panti Asuhan Kesayan Ikang Papa in Gianyar, a children house for deaf children.

If you are interested or you want more info about the bags, please send an email to


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