Minimalistic Alila

I heard that the architecture of Alila hotel looked minimalistic, basic but still very different.. I love architecture so together with my brother, his girlfriend and my husband  we planned to have a lunch at the Alila hotel.

Indeed, the architecture of the hotel is very minimalistic. If you stroll around the premises you see amazing buildings mostly made from wood, all in a grey/white color. All looks very basic, very neat,  very zen…

The bale’s are so different from the traditional ones but still you can see it’s a balé, great design… If you sit in one of the balé’s you have an amazing view over the ocean because some are hanging above the cliff…

That  day we had a delicious lunch in the restaurant,  cool drinks in the bale and we strolled around the premises making pictures and absorbing the zen feeling…

If you want to stay in a hotel looking different than most other hotels, you prefer a quiet environment and.. you have the money, Alila hotel will be the place.


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