Suku, House of Reflexology

I have a few favorites for massage. One is Vitamin another one is Suku, House of Reflexology..  The great thing about Suku is, they come to the villa or hotel.  We always call Suku if guests in our B&B want a massage. The guests can have the massage in their guesthouse or in the balé (gazebo). Mostly they take the massage in the balé because it’s really made for massages.  Also 2 people fits in the balé, so.. you can have the massage together with your lover, friend or one of your family members. Guests are always very satisfied about Suku and they have several massages taken in the balé before their holiday ends.

So.. if I’m too lazy to go to Suku, Suku comes to me…

You can find Suku, House of Refloxology at Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Seminyak.


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