Ketut the silversmith

Sometimes I like to design.  My friend Ketut is a silversmith in the silver village Celuk in Bali. I design the jewelry and Ketut makes it. So.. together we create beautiful things. The jewelry is for sale, but if I don’t sell the jewelry I don’t bother because I like to create, I’m not really a sales(wo)man.

But.. what I do like to sell is this cute silver children bracelet. Ketut designed and made this for his twin daughters.  It looks adorable, don’t you think..?


If you buy a children bracelet 100% of the profit we’ll donate to children house, Panti Asuhan Kesayan Ikang Papa in Gianyar. A children house for deaf children.

For more info about the jewelry, send an email to
Info about the children house you can find on the ‘Charity’ page under Blubambu Foundation.


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