Melasti Ceremony

Yesterday a big Melasti ceremony took place at the beach close to our house. I wanted to make photos but the weather was too bad, heavy rain the whole day. Unfortunately no photos. So.. I’ll show you a photo I made a month before, also during a ceremony at the beach…

One of the important ceremony in Hindu rituals is Melasti or purification of the Pratima (godsymbol) and other Hindu Religion symbol at the beach. This Melasti Ceremony is conducted once a year in conjunction with the big Hindu Holiday called Nyepi Day/ silent day. The Melasti event is generally done three-day’s before Nyepi day or depends to the local custom countryside rule. At the Melasti celebration, all Hindu people in Indonesia especially in Bali troop to carry the holy symbol of Hindu religion to the sea to be cleansed and looked at alongside the road the parade of Umbul-umbul symbol and others. It is also accompanied by the gamelan traditional music to enliven this event.


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