Food & art at Vienna café

Every Sunday I follow a life model drawing workshop in Seminyak. The location for the workshop is on the second floor of Vienna Café in Seminyak.

I’m happy that I can follow a life model drawing workshop in Seminyak because it is very hard to find.  For creative workshops Ubud is the place to be. Unfortunately Ubud is a bit too far for me. So.. many thanks for Melanie the teacher and Vienna Café for the location…

As you can see I still have a lot to learn. But.. it’s a lot of fun to be creative!

Vienna Café a cute little bakery in a quiet corner of Seminyak on Jalan Drupadi (just off the eastern end of Laksmana), Vienna Café and Bakery has a brilliant atmosphere.

It’s sedate and relaxed and you’ll find people here reading a book or surfing silently on the free WiFi — it’s bliss. The café serves a range of baked goods, café favourites and Austrian specials.

Set a short walk from the main drag through Seminyak, give Vienna Cafe a go when you’re fed up of the noise on Jalan Kayu Aya.


Photos Vienna Café: my Seminyak


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